Anonymous asked:

what are the stories about recording Yellow Submarine? :)

ringoshootingstarr answered:

AHH there are so many gems, haha. So:

  • The boys were basically pulling old props out of the studio’s closets so they could use them to make sound effects. John was blowing bubbles through a straw to get an ~underwater~ effect, some of the Abbey Road staff were dragging chains around in a tub of water to make the “engine” noises, and Brian Jones (who was in studio that day) was clinking glasses together haha.
  • John and Paul were yelling the orders (“Full speed ahead, Mr. Captain, full speed ahead!”) into tin cans to get that muffled effect.
  • Ringo was actually yelling “Cut the cables! Drop the cables!” from another room.
  • There was an awkward gap in the song, so they decided to put in the “band begins to play” part. However, there wasn’t time to write any music or get an actual band to play for them. Instead, one of the recording engineers took a piece of existing music and jumbled it up so they wouldn’t be sued for copyright infringement. It’s still not known which song they actually used lmao
  • John felt the last verse needed a little excitement, so he went out into the hallway and started yelling the “EVERY ONE OF US! HAS ALL WE NEED!” bits. He did this for the entire verse, but the beginning was accidentally deleted. The engineers ended up fading the part in, but John was PISSED when found out >.>
  • The Beatles invited everyone in the studio to join in for the final chorus. Everyone was hooked up with a mic, and Mal Evans, with a drum strapped to his chest, led them in a march around the room. Among the crowd was Pattie Boyd, who can also be heard screaming in the background of the second chorus. (Also, because I’m a huge loser, I can tell you she’s very easy to hear during the third round of “We all live in a yellow submarine” at the end. You can definitely hear her singing in a different key—especially on “yellow.”)

That’s all I can think of right now! Gotta love those little quirks that make the song that much better. :D